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Gazzelle 4 Jeckerson

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Gazzelle 4 Jeckerson

Jeckerson continues setting trends thanks to the constant ability in renewing its timeless patch trousers by developing a series of creative projects and collaborations with artists of all fields, in order to ensure its iconic patches remain real works of art: unique, special, tailored, and always more exclusive.

For the 2019/20 Fall-Winter Collection, Jeckerson has launched a new collaboration with singer Flavio Pardini, aka GAZZELLE, a true playmaker of Italian songwriting, and an incurable nostalgic, urban poet, multifaceted communicator. The great success of Gazelle’s latest album “Punk and Post PunK” and his numberless sold-out concerts confirm this artist as one of the most beloved on the new Italian pop landscape.

GAZZELLE translates into words the experiences we all live and transforms these experiences into everyday icons. This special capsule takes us back in time to those endless mornings on school desks, when, terribly bored, perhaps ironically but for sure significantly our jeans told our own stories. These moments, true mood icons, and words stolen from Gazzelle’s most famous lyrics are enclosed in a few white strokes to express thousands of feelings.

Silk-screen prints and embroidered patches are the signature of Gazzelle 4 Jeckerson, a limited edition consisting in two jeans and a T-shirt.

Gazzelle 4 Jeckerson, a 500-piece exclusive Limited Edition, is available from November 27th, 2019 on and in selected shops.

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